Build this car in your own garage!

Midlana is a lightweight high performance sports car you build yourself; a reinterpretation of the classis Lotus Seven utilizing a modern FWD drivetrain mounted mid-engine. Mounting the engine behind the driver has many advantages over front-engine layouts:

• Uses widely-available FWD drivetrains

• Uses existing FWD engine knowledge

• Drivetrain is used as-is

• Rear exhaust means a large and comfortable foot well

• Rear weight bias improves braking and acceleration.

• Full-size foot wells due to no driveshaft

• Independent rear suspension gives a smooth ride

• Low front weight equates to lighter steering

• Triangulated front bay provides high torsional rigidity

• Front locking storage area

• Oil pan is protected by the frame rails

• Minimum composite

• Uses stock Miata suspension uprights and rack

• Integrated SCCA-legal roll cage

• High side sills provide side-impact protection

• Protected fuel tank located at CG

• Free heat utilizing radiator exhaust air

• Options for side curtains and roof.

• 1300-1700 pounds depending upon drivetrain