1 Dec 2012

Received and installed the new fuel rail – too early to say if it reduced the fuel smell because some gas was spilled during the swap. It can only help though as the old rail definitely smelled.

While I was at the mechanic’s today dropping my truck off for a smog check, I asked about a CV boot strap tool. This was because after I cut off the band off my axle CV in order to get the engine out, the boot has had only a hand-tight replacement strap on it. The mechanic loaned me his, made exactly for the job, which I really appreciated – he got a tip. Too expensive to buy my own and have it sit around on the shelf unused. Now I don’t have to worry about it spewing grease all over – probably.

In anticipation of editing video, Cyberlink PowerDirector was purchased, and while it looks awesome there’s sure to be the usual “flailing until I figure it out. So while first drive will probably happen tomorrow, whether video gets posted sooner or later will depend on how using the software goes…