1 Jul 2012

Added mounts for the inertial impact fuel shut-off switch. Made a template for the bottom of the glove box (I get kidded about this, but where would <em>you</em> keep car papers in a small open-top car?) Then there’s this…

I’ve had a section of curved tube sitting around ever since the cage was bent, kept because it was so much work to make that I didn’t have the heart to throw it out. So for years now I’ve been looking at the tubes at the top of the car and wondered how it would look with the left-over curved tubes added as shown. The theory is that it helps strengthen the upper tubes in the event of a roll-over. How much they would actually help is questionable though since the upper corners of the windscreen would bend  downward – and not so much towards – the added tubes. Plus, because they’re curved so much of their compressive strength is gone. However, I think they look pretty good and certainly don’t weaken the chassis. It’s hard to describe; they seem to bulk-up the top of the car and make it look more muscular. They don’t interfere with getting in or out, so for now they’re tacked in and will stay. Though they took hours to trim they’ll be removed if they don’t still look good next week when the car’s stripped-down for final welding.

So there’s only a couple items left on the to-do list so things will pick up starting Wednesday.