10 Dec 2008

Added a tubing rack under the build table. Keeps everything clean and visible, off the floor, easy to check stock, and saves floor space. After that, dismantled the wood mockup(!) and cleaned off the table in anticipation of starting for real. To be honest, things are moving a lot faster than expected. With the Mini it was nearly five years before the steel chassis was started.

Coming up in three weeks is the appointment with the DMV, to see if a coveted SB100 exemption number is in my future. It’s kind of a big deal; if I get one it’s a huge relief as it means there’s no concern about getting the car registered, smogged, and provides incentive to have it rolling in 2009. If it doesn’t happen it’s not terrible, but it does drag out the fear of the unknown another year and there would be no chance of driving it in 2009. It would give time to concentrate on the construction chapters of the book though it would be nice to know how it handles before that. If there’s anything dire that needs changing it would be nice to have the right stuff in the book the first time rather than reworking chapters.

I’m just holding my breath until then. The real fear is that this law is too good to last; at any time they might pull the plug which would make getting the car on the road much more difficult. Of course, with California’s $15 billion deficit, maybe the DMV will continue taking our money for this service. Have to keep a positive mental attitude.