10 Jun 2010

Been busy with the new job – think “CSI for aircraft”, pretty cool – but car progress continues on the weekends.

The last major piece of the puzzle for getting the engine running “for real” arrived today, the throttle cable. Nothing major is left to order or fabricate; it’s now a matter of finishing mounts for the coolant tanks, cables, hoses, plus the throttle and clutch. (Although there is the turbo intake plumbing I keep forgetting about…) This weekend the exhaust and turbo flanges will be milled flat, which bent due to welding heat distortion.

Even before the body panels are made, it’s obvious which ones should be removable. I don’t want to repeat the Rubik’s Cube I created with Kimini where it was really tough to get into the engine bay. This time there’ll be access panels on all sides of the engine compartment.

Been (re)reading the excellent book, “Competition Car Downforce” by Simon McBeath, in anticipation of adding wing mounts 😉