10 Mar 2009

Goodies! The fuel level sensor arrived in a box about 50x its size. The Pauter rods are here, too; you may be able to see the EDM-machined oil hole that runs its length. They’re rated at some astronomical power rating and I wonder if I really need all that safety margin, though broken rods do seem to be a common disaster on turbo engines due to owners cutting corners. And lastly, the dash and datalogger arrived. Pretty sweet; I look forward to making use of the extensive features this combo provides.

In other news, the fuel tank is coming along nicely. Talking with beta-builder Jim; he feels that due to no chassis structure below the tank (other than the outboard rails) it means the bay becomes a collapsible structure… hmmm, good point. So the tank has changed a bit, with 1″ removed from the bottom to make room for a triangulated frame that bolts in below the tank. This causes a small loss with tank volume, now about 14 gallons, but is plenty and worth the peace of mind.