11 Jan 2009

The wood and clamps at the top are during fit-up of the brake pedal assembly. There will be bolt-on brackets for the assembly with multiple holes to set the pedal position (or not – it’s up to builders.) The way it’s done there won’t be any large holes for dust and hot air to sneak through. There was some concern that it might hit the cover but it fits fine. A nice perk is that a convenient diagonal to the left of the pedals will serve to mount a dead pedal to, something missing from Locost foot wells, never mind having actual foot space!

The piece of wood at the top of the first picture is the hood line while the lateral wood at the back is the top of the cowl. It was raised slightly to make space for instruments and to make the car look a bit more sprint-car-like and less dune-buggyish. It’s still below line-of-sight with the nose so it doesn’t impact visibility.

Slight design change. The front suspension pick-up brackets stuck out nearly 3″, kind of nuts and looked, as the Brits say, daft. The tubes they mount to were moved outboard to get closer to the pivot points. The nose has to be trimmed to fit around the tubes but it’s not a big deal since it gets trimmed anyway. It looks kind of different… have to see what it looks like once done. It was either this or have side-loading on elephant-ear-size brackets.

I hope wherever you are you got a chance to see the moon-rise last night or tonight. I hardly ever use the word “awestruck” but it fit. Between being closest to the earth right now and the clear air – just, wow.