11 Mar 2012

Ah, springtime, time for plants to grow, flowers to bloom, birds to leave the nest, and cars to¬†stretch their wings. Yes that’s right, she moved under her own power!

Sorry, no real driving, but it’s something. There’s just too many loose ends – literally – to go more than out and back. As noted, an unsecured fuel line nearly wore through against the spinning engine pulley which could have ended the drive much differently. The fuel line is properly routed – except for the excess that’s used when using a plain gas can – and that was the part that got me. In addition to loose wires, hoses, and bolts, the panels can be heard clattering about. The clutch is firm but manageable; it’s just tricky on the sloped driveway. The dog-engagement transmission is a real hoot. You know when you shift gears in typical transmission, how there’s always a slight resistance before it drops into gear? That’s the syncros taking time to match up the speeds of the two gears, and that delay doesn’t exist in a dog box. Nope, it’s almost like the shifter’s not attached to anything, how it just drops right into gear with zero resistance. That’ll be fun.

Anyway, everything went fine and that was all that was done today. I really like how the rear end of Midlana looks from different angles, made all the better with a local beer with an appropriate name.