12 Apr 2009

While VW Bugs aren’t my thing I have to admit this is very cool. Granted it has the typical useless hotrod 1″ ground clearance but it’s still pretty wild.

Okay, so I worked in the garage today, alright?! I’ve been getting grief about slacking off, so spent the day disassembling and rebuilding the Miata steering rack, converting it to manual steering. I took a bunch of pictures which will be in the book. Yes, Flyin Miata has the process on their website, but websites come and go and the book will be a stand-alone information source, not leaning on other people’s material. Plus, I kind of feel like pointing to someone else’s website is cheating; making money off a book that leans on other people’s work feels wrong. Another reason for doing it myself – I discovered a couple things to watch out for during the process and something that’ll save you time 😉

The rack is being taking care of now because it has to be done before the car can be driven (yeah I know, a long way off, but all the parts have to be made ready at some point.) The rack was a real mess and it’s nice to work with clean parts. Speaking of messes, the garage is much better now, which puts me in a better frame of mind to get back into it.