12 Apr 2013

Earlier this week the automatic idle control was removed in an effort to get the car to idle more consistently. While that was being done, what was causing the mischief was found, probably. The throttlebody required an adapter, which came with its own gasket, and my mistake was assuming the vendor knew what they were doing. Turns out that there were two vacuum leaks due to the gasket being a bit too “universal”, with several cutouts intruding into areas where they didn’t belong. Since the automatic valve had already been removed at that point it was left off. If the manually-set idle (now adjusted the old fashioned way, with a screw) does not work well, the automatic valve will be reinstalled.

On a whim it was decided to go to the sort-of-local Cars and Coffee event held every Saturday morning – early! Apparently it’s become more popular in the last five years and I’m told that arriving after about 6:30 am is bad news for getting a spot in the main lot. I let my buddy, Max (simi-pro photographer) know that I’ll be heading up so we might get some good shots suitable for a book cover! Ugh, getting up at 5 am during the week is rough enough, but for some reason, doing it on the weekend seems worse, but I’ll live. The cool thing is that by 9am everyone’s heading home, which leaves the rest of the day for other stuff. Sorry for the late notice, but I want to stretch Midlana’s legs a bit, and with the event being 60 miles from here it’ll do just that.

For Sunday, part of me wants to head out into the mountains and desert – where cell coverage is spotty. Depending how tomorrow goes, we’ll see – driving out that way is a much bigger deal than freeway driving, with hundreds of turns and chances for more “things” to happen. If I wimp-out there’s a small car show in a rich area of town, or do I set all driving aside and work on the book instead?