12 Jun 2010

More things crossed off the list. Calibrated the oil pressure and oil temperature sensors. That’s needed since the curves need to be plugged into the flat-dash so the readings make sense. Still have to convert the low-resistance sensors into something the dash can use without loading down the reference voltage.

Since the oil sensor port on the block is already being used for the turbo feed, the remote oil filter housing was drilled and taped for both the above sensors. Putting them there lessens the risk of engine vibration fatigue-cracking the sensor threads.

Annealled the turbo header flange to help stress-relieve it before milling it tomorrow.

Plugged the last of the vacuum ports on the intake manifold. With that cleaned up, next is making a vacuum block; simply an aluminum block with fittings to distribute vacuum to the fuel pressure regulator, blowoff valve, and wastegates. Need to find some 1/8″ right-angle pipe fittings. Home Depot doesn’t carry them, and the anodized racer ones are crazy expensive.

Still haven’t figured out exactly where to place the coolant overflow tank. Have to figure out the air filter arrangement. The thinking is to bring in outside air up and over the top of the intercooler, instead of feeding the engine hot engine compartment air.

Ooo, another earthquake. Been having a lot of them east of us…