12 Sept 2010

So far everything is on-track for a dyno test the week of the 20th.

Rebuilt the Miata rear brake calipers, installed brake master cylinders, and filled and bled the system. Added a clutch stop now since over-extending the clutch – even getting the car on and off the trailer – can wreck it (twin-disc clutches don’t take much pedal movement to disengage them.)

Someone asked why the brakes are being bothered with at all, since they’re not needed for the dyno test. In order to get the car on and off the trailer means driving it to some extend. I don’t want to risk the car getting away from me and rolling down the street, falling off the trailer ramps, or accidentally running into the trailer itself. Besides, they have to be done eventually, so it doesn’t really matter it they’re done now or later.

Turns out that U-haul rents a standard utility trailer that is 12′ x 6′ 2″… very convenient since Midlana is 72″ outside-to-outside, leaving an inch on each side. It means that a normal utility trailer can be used instead of a car trailer, which is cheaper, lighter, and they’ll let me tow with a compact truck… “I’m helping a buddy move some stuff.”

Anyhow, the plan is to fill the cooling system next weekend, start the car, and run it until it warms up in order to make sure there aren’t issues when getting it tuned. Next weekend leaves a few days to “deal with things” if it doesn’t start, leaks, or one of a million things that can cause mischief. Distilled water will be used so there’s not worry about leaks or having to drain it. Come to think of it, why not use the garden hose, since the water’s only going to be in the car a week or so…