13 Jan 2013

All the exterior panels except the nose were painted this week. The goal for this weekend – because the paint shop couldn’t easily paint both sides of the panels – was to paint the opposite sides gray in order to make the panels truly look done, not as if, um, someone had painted them in their garage. That took a bit, masking off the painted side to make sure none of the overspray got onto the “good side”, then there was chasing every rivet hole before riveting on the rear-most panels. The real goal was to basically “store” the panels on the car, off the floor and away from me and my clumsy feet. Also, since the interior panel work isn’t complete yet, it’s easier to access them with the side panels off.

The front grill and side air inlets were both painted the exterior color in order not to draw attention to them. Haven’t decided whether that was the best choice for the nose but it’s easy enough to change later on. Related to that, the rear grill is presently gray and seeing it with the dark body panels makes me wonder if lime green would look better. Eh, it’s not an issue and will wait until the car is completely done and sitting out in the sun.

The dash panel came back (wrinkle-black) so now that nearly everything is in-house, it’s all waiting on me. I’m not complaining 🙂