13 Oct 2008

I’ve been exchanging ideas with reader Dean, who’s comments have helped make the chassis look a bit less dunebuggy-like and a bit more sports-car-like. Never mind the ugly nose, I’m too busy working on the rest of the chassis to create a proper render. Note that the side windscreen tubes now bend directly into the roof instead of around the windscreen as before. The foot of the windscreen frame now extends forward all the way to the floor. I also triangulated the bulkhead around the knees, though it remains to be seen if it’ll interfere with the drivers legs or feet. I hope not because it hugely stiffens a bulkhead that’s normally left open on most cars.

What’s still half-baked is where to run the coolant lines. At the moment I’m back to running them down the center and if that doesn’t work out it’s back to outside the chassis. My buddy Ron suggested using large 3″ angle for the lower outside frame rails and tucking the coolant lines inside, covering them with a radiused cover. That would look really sweet but there isn’t 3″ to give away outboard of the seats – things are that tight. I can’t justify widening the car 6″ just for coolant lines so if down the center doesn’t work it’s back to along the outside of the chassis, covered, ala Cobra side exhaust-style.

Kimini is officially sold; the trailer has already left for the new owner’s home in Utah and next week Kimini will make her journey inside a proper transporter.

Blunting the impending emotional loss is the arrival of a Garrett twin-scroll GT3071 0.78 A/R turbocharger, also an emotional item, and admittedly not a necessary component, never mind this early in the build. Its purpose is to serve as an emotional goal, to look forward to hearing it whistling someday 🙂