14 April 2019

Drove Midlana for the first time in a long while – no issues with the alternator bracket. The drive reminded me about something that had been going on, and still is; when letting off the gas, engine speed hangs at about 1500-1600 rpm for 2-5 seconds before dropping to idle. I earlier thought that the idle control valve was suspect, but also mentioned that it has very low hours on it since being cleaned. Turns out that the throttle cable appears to be sticking a bit. Pushing the throttle to above idle speed, then lightly releasing it showed that the throttle doesn’t always close fully. I’d add a second throttle return spring, except this throttle body, with its helical return spring, doesn’t lend itself to that mod. Even if it did, it avoids the issue of the sticky cable, but it’s a real bear to remove because both seats and seatbelts have to come out to gain access to the middle channel cover… who designed this thing? My brother suggested spraying silicon lubricant down both ends of the cable sheath before going to such extremes. Good idea.