14 June 2014

Pictures from last Saturday’s Cars and Coffee in Irvine, CA. Memorable was the handcrafted bare aluminum Ferrari (couldn’t tell if it was authentic or a replica. The combination taillight, license plate holder, license plate lamp, and fuel filler(!) on a 1930’s luxury car. The open wheel Bugati with the distributor sticking out of the dash for easy timing adjustment. The Holman Moody Ford Falcon. Or the cream colored sedan which I would have bet money was a Mercedes but which in fact was a BMW, and a bunch of other very interesting cars and motorcycles. Enjoy.

Notice the last picture, showing the underbelly of Midlana’s engine tray :(. ┬áIn other news, goodies have shown up for Midlana…

And in other, other news, my coworker who had her appendix fail during her big hike is heading to Washington state this coming week to complete her hike, this time from the other end due to the heat in the desert at this end. You can catch up with her at her blog.