14 Sep 2008

Now that the rear suspension is settling down the real drawings are starting (instead of the endless try-this-no-how-about-this-no-try-this-instead thing.) The engine tray is first only because it’s the last thing figured out and makes a nice compartmentalized sub-project. I’ll probably build it up in steel after finishing the drawings to have a sense of tangible progress. It would be nice to support the engine on it but the design is setup the other way round – to have the main chassis suspend the engine at each end while the engine tray simply keeps it from rotating. I know everyone wants to see pictures but it’s pretty dull right now, lots of half-rendered lines on the computer screen is about it.

I may sell the shocks due to them being rather long for my needs; the design changed after buying them. Than again if there’s no interest I may just use them instead of taking the loss. I’ll have to double-check the fit-up at the front suspension, where the long shock body may actually lay-out better than a short body, one requiring the top shock mount to extend further out from the chassis than it does now.

I’m starting to look for engine builders. Initial contact was so-so; they need to understand that customers have nothing other than response time to judge them initially. When a week goes by before a reply they may as well not even bother in my opinion – they don’t seem to understand who writes the checks. If I get annoyed enough I’ll just rebuild it myself; the trick is finding a really good machine shop that knows what it’s doing and have them do all the precision stuff – I just bolt it together, or that’s the theory.