14 Sept 2018

The hoped-for car event – the Virginia City Hill Climb – was indeed cancelled, the rumor being that they were unable to obtain the necessary city permits. I’m skeptical that next year is an assumed-go because once a city starts weighing liabilities versus the benefits, it’s pretty easy for things to progress to permanent cancellation. Guess we’ll see.

Was going to take the car out and glanced in the engine compartment, only to see that again, the alternator bracket broke. As some of you may recall from earlier diary entries, this has happened several times with both my bracket, and a commercially-available part – there must be some really nasty resonances going on. My solution, like last time, was to add more reinforcing. Eventually the failures will stop, but if it gets sufficiently annoying, another unit will be produced out of much thicker material.

During repair, one thing crossed my mind was that may not have helped: I seem to recall dunked the hot bracket in water to cool it off. I forgot that that’s a great way to harden metal – and make it much more brittle as well. This time I let it air cool so we’ll see how that goes.