15 Apr 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates; there just hasn’t been anything exciting going on. More parts are showing up, including a box of Honda hardware needed to bolt on the engine mounts and the transmission to the engine. That’s needed when the drivetrain goes onto the chassis table for fit-up. Which means the table needs to be built. Which means the car needs to be out of the garage. On that note, the seats showed up! They’ll be infinitely helpful in figuring out the actual size of the passenger compartment. Most seats, for whatever reason, have really poor technical data supplied by the manufacturers. Plus, they’re such a goofy 3D shape that it’s hard to properly model them, so having the physical parts really helps.

Picked up electrical connectors for the Honda ECU. This is much cheaper than buying an entire dash harness and tossing out 90% of it. It does remind me that, as with Kimini, electrical work will take months and second only to composite work, is about the least enjoyable. Speaking of electrical, I may have a line on a Hondata KPro ECU; hardly required now but a nice line item to cross off.

Design work continues, including the book. There’s a real advantage of writing a book in parallel with the actual design because I write everything down before I forget. I’m also pushing forward with deciding chassis tube placement, which is more about passenger protection than torsional rigidity. Torsion resistance is being handled separately.