15 Dec 2013

Yard work continues, retaining walls, shoveling tons of dirt, taking dozens of rotted railroad ties to the dump, only to have half of them rejected as “not rotted enough.” (Okay, so they’re still going to get them, several pieces at a time in the trash can… what did they expect?)<br>

Anyhow, for the time being, I’m working on yard stuff (rebuilding wife points). In other news, I was into amateur radio a long time ago, then got out of it and let my license expire. As I was going through my father’s stuff, I ran across his license, and it made me want to take it up again, so that’s in the works.

A local car club has organized a Dyno Day (each car gets a couple free pulls). This should prove interesting because it’s been several years since it was last done, but more importantly, is on the far more common drum-type dyno. The numbers will be about 12% lower than on the other type, but then again, the car probably have about 10% more power, too. On the other hand, a couple people have questioned my claimed horsepower numbers, as in, why can’t I spin the tires in second gear (actually, when they’re cold, I can), and also, why wasn’t my top speed at Fontana faster? Anyhow, that’s not for another month or so.

Meanwhile, I check in often on the Midlana Forum, http://www.midlana.com/forum/, where there are currently two people building cars. Check it out.