15 Feb 2009

Got the left-side (transmission) drivetrain mount done and tomorrow the right side will be dealt with. These seem to¬†take forever but it’s probably the mental shift from the big fun stuff to the first of the less-fun little things. The idea is to support the drivetrain off these two mounts so the wood stand can be removed from below it. With that out of the way the lateral tube behind the drivetrain can be fit-up, along with the bracing on the floor bay, then add the remaining two mounts.

Received the nice spherical bearings for the rear suspension. Finding a place that sells bearing cups was a challange but necessary so builders don’t need a lathe. Received some nice Lenox cutting tools. The big blade is for the Makita cold saw to give it more teeth for thinner material. They also make some cool carbide-tipped holesaws that work really well, actually cutting the material rather than tearing it.

Oh and the last picture is going in the book with the caption, “I’ll just add the brackets now and weld the chassis tubes later, it’ll be fine.” This is a great illustration of why it’s so important to attach important brackets last. As I drone on about, heat warpage is a really big deal, as evidenced by the near-1/4″ shift of the bracket during welding of the tubes!