17 Aug 2016

Bah! Went out to start the car with the new setup to, you know, see if there any leaks. No need – the puddle under the car saved me the trouble. Turns out the new wastegates come with AN water fitting adaptors that seal with aluminum washers – if only they were the right size. For some reason they were larger than seemed necessary – I noticed when installing them but figure if they work, they work. They didn’t. When installed, they shift to one side and are just large enough that the edge gets squeezed out to beyond the sealing face and presto, a slow drip. Gasket-sealer was used and time will tell if it puts up with the heat. It should since it’s just sealing water passages, but still, there’s mighty hot stuff not far away. Not a big deal, if it leaks, proper-sized aluminum or copper washers will be used – or maybe I’ll order washers now to have them on-hand.

Haven’t driven the car yet – the heat and humidity takes all the fun out of it, never mind rush-hour traffic. Then there’s its “danglies” hanging down in back, the two unrestrained wastegate tubes free to swing around. I’m working on the hold-down for that now.