17 Jul 2009

Here’s Jeremy’s latest picture from Drag Cartel of my engine due to be done in a week or so. There’s something very pretty – even elegant – about newly-coated pistons in a fresh block.

Even though I don’t work on the car everyday, the thinking about it never stops. Here are some recent notes that give a glimpse into the many parallel threads currently running through the project:

 … change rear cowl frame to ½” to be easier to bend and to cover the edge of the dash. Or, use ¾” angle material instead of square tubing… probably easier. Front may have to stay at 1” wide though due to attached flange. Split 1” sq tubing then trim? Assumes bandsaw or saber saw. Do I make cowl – and front cover – very slightly crowned so center front cover doesn’t vibrate or lift at speed? Inner framework for front cover? Hinge the cover? If so, have to lean front cowl frame back slightly to clear lower edge as it rises… + latches, gas pistons. Option? Probably should lean front cowl frame back regardless… just in case, but same angle as side tubes? Probably can’t due to outer surface of flange needing to be parallel with front cover. In fact, are side flanges on cowl even needed… hmmm, not really structural, but will leaving it out make cowl flimsy?…

On the dog front, we may have a bit more of a water dog than hoped for. Caught him running up and down the fish pond stream having the time of his life. I didn’t have the heart to yell at him and just let him be a kid. Last night he was dreaming and wagging his tail, that was nice to see because it means he’s at peace.

Yesterday he got to meet about eight dogs and wanted to play with all of them, and met a bunch of kids, wanting nothing more than have his belly rubbed. One of the little girls was fascinated by his, um, boy parts and asked lots of questions. She was concerned that something was wrong with him – the purity of children’s thoughts – and I said no, it’s just that he’s a boy dog. After asking more questions I suggested she ask her mom who was nearby. I don’t think having your 6-yr old daughter hear about sex from a creepy old guy in the park (me) is how it’s supposed to work… I can just imagine her telling her mom something and mom asking, “who told you that?!”, to which she’d point at me. I don’t want to get on the 6-o’clock news that way…

Lastly, regarding the Kimini book and issues with the printing company, it’s still unresolved but my book sales has been incrementing, “implying” that things are working. That’s in quotes because the company isn’t answering my requests for Support so who knows what’s going on. If you order a book and have issues please let me know.