17 Oct 2010

So I go to the steel yard to buy two 20′ tubes, requesting they cut them into thirds:

Me: “Hi, I need these two tubes cut into thirds.”
Them: “Okay, that’s two cuts.”
Me: “Okay.”
Them: “That’ll be $2 for the first cut and a $1 for the second.”
Me: “Fine.”
Them: “Wait, you have two pieces.”
Me: “Right.”
Them: “And you want both cut?”
Me: “Yes.”
Them: “Then that’s four cuts.”
Me: “If you put the tubes side-by-side when you cut them, it’s two cuts.”
Them: “No, each time we operate the saw, that’s considered ‘one cut.’ I don’t make the rules.”
Me: “Right, you are operating the saw twice.”
Them: “But you have two tubes.”
Me: “Right…”
Them: “That’s four cuts, so it’s another $2.”
Me: “For operating the saw twice…”
Them: “Right… no,┬áit’s four cuts. I don’t make the rules…”
Me: “Fine…”

Reminds me of the airlines, ask for a pillow and it’s $3; ask for water and they ask if you want it in a cup – a $2 cup.

Anyway… progress continues. Cut off the diffuser frame (I hate cutting parts off the car – such a huge waste in time, effort, and material.) Bent up the lower curved tubes for the lower surface and used a scrap section of 2″ OD 0.062″ wall tube to become the “bumper.” After that was mocked up I got stuck deciding what to do for the top surface of the engine cover and well, it started designing itself. The subtle change probably requires a couple plywood frames to see if it has an abundance of awesomeness, or a bigger pile of “Eew.” You’ll see.

The last picture is at the local park, Midi and his girlfriend, Ginger. They’re both young, slightly crazy dogs.