18 Feb 2018

In a couple weeks, the Honda K-series “DC5” transmission in Midlana will be up for sale. The specs:

Straight-cut dog-engagement 1-4 PPG gear set, rated for 1000 hp:
1 – 2.615
2 – 1.611
3 – 1.15
4 – 0.909

5th and 6th stock helical Honda (even though it’s a DC5, 6th was adding for freeway cruising:
5 – 0.825
6 – 0.659

NOTE: Because 5th and 6th are present, this transmission does not contain the PPG “center brace attachment”.

Final drive: stock Honda 4.389

WaveTrac LSD.

Full disclosure, the WaveTrac LSD is apparently one of their early units that has a known issue where it wasn’t machined correctly and traps the driver’s side CV housing in place – mine’s stuck good. The good news is that WaveTrac offers free repairs and the transmission will be delivered to them to be corrected before being sold. It’s a win-win because the buyer gets a known-good LSD, their axle won’t get stuck, and I get my CV housing back. That last part matters because the axle shop wants $250 just for that part…

The transmission works perfectly. As for price, it was $7000 to build and given that it only has 5000 miles on it, it’s worth $4000. If it doesn’t sell via this site, the Midlana forum, or K20.org, it’ll head to Ebay.

Because of the cost, I made a demo video, just some casual driving showing that the transmission is operating perfectly and it also demonstrates what a straight-cut dog-engagement gearbox is like. There would have been more video but the bug-ridden GoPro struck again, stopping the video mid-drive. Oddly, the red light continued blinking, indicating that it was recording, and when turned off, acted normally. I’m This Close to switching to the Sony like my brother has…