18 Nov 2012

Out of the blue mid-day Friday, a coworker asked, “hey, want to go see┬áLeno’s garage? We have to leave right now.”

So up we went – just amazing. 130+ cars and motorcycles sweeping the automotive spectrum, from a Model T, to classic Bugatis, steam cars, the McClaren F1, and Jay’s turbine-powered motorcycle. Then there was the fab shop which was just heaven to me, with every tool and machine you could imagine for fabricating virtually anything automotive. After several hours of being shown around, I think I was more impressed by Jay’s employees; there’s a very good reason why they’re there, due to their extremely extensive knowledge, and how they’ve known Jay for decades. It was pretty clear that he trusts them because he knew them before he made his money so he knows they’re sincere.

As we were leaving I was the first one out the door and held it open for everyone else, then kept it open because someone was coming the other way – then I realized it was Jay! I’d like to say he was happy and upbeat, but whatever he had come from had really tired him out. He said hi and tried to be polite but it was clear that he was beat, and headed on into his shop. Later we saw him leave driving an ordinary pickup truck, which speaks volumes for his practicality. I told my wife later that I had held the door open for Jay Leno(!) – and she asked if I got a tip… no, but he paid me back in a big way by sharing his collection. No pictures because they didn’t permit any – which I can very much understand.

About my car, nothing today since my brother and I helped out our parents around the yard – some things are more important than the car project. I’m taking off this week so there will be progress, check back frequently.