19 Dec 2013

The local gas station just installed an E85 pump. Why they would do so is rather baffling, given that there are so few flex fuel cars in SoCal, and even fewer that actually bother using ethanol. If anything I’d have thought that they’d install a second diesel pump, given that the number of cars using that fuel is definitely increasing.

Anyway, the only reason I mention this is that it is an evil temptation to have an alternate fuel map for ethanol. Why? It’s because turbos just love ethanol since it burns cooler and has a much higher effective octane. The end result is that I could – no kidding – have around 600 hp, just like that. What’s holding me back are several things: much worse mileage, hardly any stations carry the stuff (like, about six in all of California), and, what exactly is the point on the street having that much power. If anything, it makes a lot more sense to use the stuff on-track, where it helps protect the engine from detonation. However, thankfully I’m lazy enough, and busy enough on yard things that it’s just not a big deal. While it’s fun to dream, in the end, it’s just not what the car’s about. I want to do more track events to more fully understand the limitations of the both me and the car.

Oh, and I’m finally getting into the new century and setting up an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account in order to better spread the word about Midlana.