19 July

About time for an update. I grew up around here but don’t ever remember any sort of monsoon season. It’s well into the 80’s, 80-90% humidity, with lightning and rain. Nice.

Removed the two wastegates, replacing them with a much smaller water-cooled unit (yet has the same 38-mm ports as the ones being replaced). Though it’s not visible, the exhausts run separately up to the face of the wastegate valve so it still sort of qualifies as independent. The 3-port boost control valve will be changed to a 4-port unit and moved closer to the wastegate to minimize hose length; the trick is finding a spot that isn’t near the exhaust. Speaking of that, I removed the ceramic header wrap since it was falling off anyway. I never liked the stuff because tiny fibers float around and are sticking to everything – I worry that I’m inhaling the stuff. Instead of the wrap, two thin stainless heat shield will protect the engine wiring and sensors; header heat will flow up and out through the engine cover louvers.