19 Sep 2010

Well, nuts.

The plan was to start the engine today but a surprise came up. Some time back the RC fuel injectors were replaced with Injector Dynamics (ID) units and until today they hadn’t been tried out. The surprise came when pressurizing the fuel system for the first time, and as pressure rose above about 40 psi, “pop”, and suddenly there were multiple sprinklers spraying fuel all over – good thing the car was backed out. The ID injectors claim to fit exactly like OEM injectors (and maybe they do), but there’s some sort of incompatibility between them, the aftermarket BDL fuel rail, and the RBC intake manifold. There’s play in the fit-up, maybe 1/8″, and while it doesn’t appear to be a big deal, the fuel thinks different. There have been a couple other issues with the BDL fuel rail so it’s going to be replaced. Fortunately there are a few Honda shops around here so a fuel rail will be picked up tomorrow.

While fussing with than, and walking around the front of the car, spotted a couple drops of water under one corner of the radiator. Surprisingly it wasn’t on the side where inlet and outlet had been moved, but the other side, were a bracket had been welded to the end tank. Apparently there was a bit too much penetration on the weld, so, with the fuel issue stopping progress, the cooling system was drained, the radiator removed and rewelded, then put back together.