2 Sep 2012

Started in on putting the car together. Not much to see yet because much of the day was spent running reamers through mounting holes, and taps through various threaded bores. Then there was installing various rivnuts, followed by the the two footwell panels. As of tonight all that’s installed are the coolant tubes down the center, the footwell panels, and one floor panel. I have tomorrow off and will post pictures then, but at least things are moving.

In other news I’m building a new pc to replace this one that’s getting flakey. It’s amazing how much technology has moved along and once again I’m reminded of the huge drop on harddrive prices. In the mid-1990’s I built a pc where it cost $1 per MB , now it’s $0.001 – one thousandth as much. Also, the solid state drives (SSD) are just amazing. From pushing the on-button to when Windows is up and running takes 18 seconds. As fast as the machine is though, it’s taking literally days to move all the software over so it runs the same as it does on this one. Still a couple of program files to move but no, it’s not taking time away from car construction.