20 Apr 2008

Spent the day teaching myself Google Sketchup. It’s a sad state of affairs that, for me, Sketchup is easier, faster, and more intuitive than Alibre Design. Of course, Sketchup is far more limited but nothing that’ll prevent its use here. The biggest issue is that I can’t close out any panel I want; it’s unable to produce a true 3D rendering of the finished design. I also can’t do profiles or sweeps, necessary to render the Seven nose. However, these limitations aren’t a big deal since the drawings are only for producing the chassis. The book will have plenty of pictures of the actual car so full-featured 3D CAD renderings aren’t really necessary.

I’ve been warned that what I’m attempting to do – design a mid-engine “Seven” – may look like a dune buggy. In my defense, the Seven’s only the starting point, Midlana’s already making her own path. While it uses a Seven’s fenders and nose, that’s it. I don’t think it’ll end up looking any more like a Seven than a dune buggy – it is what it is. I think that the side treatment of the chassis will be unique, but as said, I can’t render it fully to show you what I’m planning. It’s still mostly wire-frame so once it’s a bit more finished I’ll post it for comments; just don’t expect full-blown CAD because that’s not what Sketchup is.