20 Mar 2010

Gas tank frame/support. Gads, what an easy trivial task, yet it’s taking
several days… (I’m having flashbacks of building Kimini when the
going got tough.) It’s all mental – nothing here is hard, but it’s facing my various little goofs and having to back up and fix them that makes it tough. Redoing things has a way of sucking the week’s enthusiasm out of what’s supposed to be fun work sessions. After it’s done, instead of feeling good it’s feeling relief.

I think the reason for these more numerous false starts and goofs is
that this project is being pushed more than Kimini, which was better
thought out. It had a total of one construction goof while Midlana’s already up to half a dozen. They’re all worked out, but it comes at the expense of time.

Anyway… the tank. It’s not rigidly supported. In an accident, the
frame may shift and rip open the tank if it’s hard-mounted.
Instead, as with fuel cells, straps are used so that it can move about independent of the chassis. Because of  the tank’s location, it’s already well contained. Chassis tubes already keep it from going left, right, foward or back. Straps above and toward the front keep it from tipping forward. It’ll be installed from below, sitting on a frame below it. It worked out
well once I got my head on straight.

A few builders expressed concern about it being hard to remove but it’s a non-issue. I don’t really understand the concern though since the tank will hardly ever have to come out. Kimini’s tank never needed removal, which was a good thing because it was about 10 time harder to get at than Midlana’s. See, I did learn something!