20 March

I posted pictures of the failed parts on a forum. It’s always hard to to know how knowledgeable the responses are, but surprise, the theories aren’t much different than before, though the most popular suspicion is that a rod bolt broke.

In other news, the manifold is getting there but still needs ports for the EGT sensors, some touch-up welding, and having the flange fly-cut to eliminate heat distortion. Hopefully the way the single wastegate is adapted to the twin-scroll setup will work. I’m a little concerned because the wastegate tube joins at nearly right angles, which is a big no-no in gas flow. The exhaust flow not only doesn’t like turning sharp corners, but the passing exhaust flow will actually try to pull air in from the wastegate. Don’t believe me? Try blowing across the top of a straw in a cup of water and watch what the water does – it’s how siphon-type paint sprayers work. Hopefully it’ll work out because it’s so much more compact than the last placement.

And lastly, my buddy Kane edited down Midlana’s most recent Streets of Willow event, recorded from outside the car.