19 Nov 2017

As the Christmas shopping season looms, so to do discounts by Lulu, Midlana’s book printer. While I try to announce their discounts, they come and go so frequently they’re hard to keep track of. The most current code is “BOOKSHIP17” which gets you 10% off the book, or 50% off shipping (good until 11/20). Their discounts are rather random so if you wait a few days, the discount may (or may not) go up – last year it got up to 30%, but who knows about this year. Lulu comes up with the discounts on their own; authors are neither involved nor notified.

If you’re planning to buy a copy (thank you!) note that there are two versions: “perfect” binding, and spiral-bound. Perfect binding is what a traditional book uses,  while spiral-bound is better if you need to reference a given page often, like while in the garage building your car! (FWIW, spiral-bound outsells regular binding by about 4:1).

In actual Midlana-related news, I cruised around for 2-3 hours today. Even ended up behind a Type F Jaguar convertible at one point, but of course, the universe terminated our potential fun by sending one of the antichrist’s minions – a Prius. It was just as well; I was a bit concerned how nuts he was thinking of being on the same twisty road that killed a guy not three years ago in his Arial Atom – but this guy behaved and I purposely didn’t ride his bumper to push him. There was that, and then there was his license plate, “Jms Bond.” Brother…

6 Nov 2017

Been driving the car, more than I used to (as in, none) to driving it some. Attended another Cars and Coffee event; this local one’s so small I may look to others.

On the pond front, been working on a shelter for the filtration equipment – think shed minus sides. The irony is that with it nearing completion, the low sun in the sky shows that it’ll be virtually useless this time of year for keeping the sun off of things. Not a big deal though since its primary use is rain protection, keeping all the electrics dry.

In other news, there’s a Locost builder who flippantly decided to put a supercharger on his Ford 2.3 Duratec engine. I suggested that instead of bragging about how little it’s costing, that he treat forced induction as the wily foe that it is, but he persists. I think he’ll learn that there’s not an easy, fast, and cheap way to move to FI, but maybe he’ll prove me wrong. I’ll be watching.

In other, other news, Texas is for some reason messing with what constitutes kit cars https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2017/11/06/texas-begins-revoking-titles-for-dune-buggies-and-other-kit-cars/?refer=news

What’s unclear to me (I just skimmed it) is what constitutes the original “car.” Is it the engine, engine/gearbox, or chassis? Unsure whether this will be an issue for any Midlana builders located there.