21 Aug 2016

“I shall call her ‘Snorkus.’ ” It’s rather… huge, and the square corners make it worse visually. Like I posted on Instagram, if it wasn’t my car I’d think it was rather, what, adolescent?

I realized I have an odd personality, like movie stars who want attention for their careers, yet oddly think they’ll be left along when shopping for groceries. I’m kinda like that – minus the money and fame. So why did I build Midlana if I don’t want attention? Well the idea was that it would get attention in a understated way, not “HEY, over here, look at me, wanna race?!”

I have to think it over, though how much do I care about what people think? It’s purely functional, but it isn’t very attractive as it sits. I admit I have no idea how big the inlet needs to be but it was copied from a Nissan GTP car. I had no intension on going with composite construction until I saw it on the car. Composite’s a pain, smelly and really messy but it does allow getting rid of all the hard edges and corners.

In more objective news, the car took a huge step forward today. A test drive with the new exhaust shows MAP is well under control, flat-topped with n0 evidence of wanting to increase further. Granted it wasn’t run to 8000 rpm (the crazy plot at the bottom was it rev-limiting at 7000 rpm) but I don’t expect anything nasty. Also notice the speed is 91 mph; running it to 8000 in third means 104 mph, all the more reason to be brief and in a remote area, or just not do it at all.

Lastly, boost controller duty cycle was measured vs. the boost it produced and closed-loop boost control was reenabled. Didn’t have time to do a test drive but the results will be used to further dial in loop settings. Feels good to be driving the car again.