21 Jul 2008

Work progresses slowly on the wood mockup. The tricky stage is right now, where placing a wood rail has many consequences that have to be thought through as early as possible. For example, it’s unclear if there should be a break in the side rails, about mid-shin, to gain a few precious inches in width. The seats have robust shoulder bolsters that make it tough to set them side by side; the bolsters hit and the resulting stack-up really fills the width of the chassis. One idea is to offset one seat relative to the other fore-aft so the bolsters overlap some, but it won’t be clear how it’ll work out until things are further along. It’s good to deal with this now, using wider seats and getting them to fit, instead of hearing later from many unhappy builders! I’m hoping to have the basic cab done this weekend when I can show pictures of something other than just a couple pieces of wood.

One cool thing about a wood table is that it’s so easy to fasten down the wood, just run sheet rock screws through it. It’s nice because they can be carefully placed – once – and screwed down, never wondering if they’ve moved afterward. It’s actually better than a steel table where the tubes are clamped down. Bump the tube once and you can never really be sure if it moved or not… which requires remeasuring if you’re really paranoid, like me.

Got a great deal on a lightweight flywheel and twin-disc clutch – maybe. The previous owner said it caused the crank thrust washer to fail, the question is: why? Clutch throw must have been set wrong but then why don’t other people have the same trouble? For peace of mind it’ll be sent back to Competition Clutch to be checked out, especially to see if it’s the correct unit for my engine. Also picked up fuel injector connectors for the bigger-flow aftermarket injectors.