22 Jul 2009

Engine arrived safely and on-schedule! A big thanks to Jeremy of Drag Cartel for delivering as promised, something that these days is more the exception than the rule. I’ll probably put it back in the chassis simply to get it off the floor but it’ll be a while before it’s started. Only then will I know how well put-together it is… no, I have a lot of faith in Jeremy’s work; he has a well-deserved reputation as a top builder. The heat’s still on around here, 97 degrees in the garage and just moving the engine pallet from one side of the garage to the other was enough to start sweating. Or maybe I’m just getting old…

Before starting the engine I’d like to have a full schematic on-hand for the car, something Kimini never really had (other than hand-drawn sketches and connector spreadsheets.) To do that means finding a wire harness kit but what brand to use is undecided – not a big deal but another item on the to-do list. The schematic will be in the book though I wonder how useful it’ll be. I mean, people are going to be using all sorts of drivetrains, different lights, and different dash instruments, so there may not be a lot of commonality. However, if it helps even a little bit it’s a plus, and some people will be using the Honda K-series – beta-builder Jim is. Drawing the schematic will be a time-intensive sub-project… just like all the other parts of this project, lol.

As said before, just because welding isn’t happening doesn’t mean the project isn’t moving forward. I think of it as a big pile of soil, with boulders, rocks, sand and dirt in it. The entire pile has to be moved so it doesn’t really matter what’s moved, just that I keep working at it. Like the saying goes, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” In a week I’ll have some solid work time so thing’s will move along.

On the dog front, Midi has this odd habit of bending his head over backwards so far he can almost rest it on his back. When he sleeps it’s often with his four feet up, and in that position he snores – loud. Amazingly loud actually, loud enough that we can’t hear about 1/3 of the movie we’re watching. It add character.