24 Jan 2010

Cleaning up the chassis table does wonders for a positive mental attitude.

One rocker arm is done thought the support are not – what’s shown here is not the real deal! Not much else to show other than this because of how much time goes into designing bits. Once it’s complete and the first item produced, building more goes much faster. These use spherical bearings instead of rollers. Yes, it can be built in many different ways using many types of bearings/bushings, but the approach worked well for Kimini, so it’s used again here.

Received the Grizzly metal-cutting blades… they’re a massive 1″ wide blade and too course a tooth pitch; it’s all they had. Better blades have been ordered from elsewhere, as the 1″ wide blades are no good for going round corners. (Great for small lumbermill, though!)

Like I mentioned on the forum, I admit I’m a little down about having to cut out pre-existing tubes, tubes that were “done.” Mentally it’s a drag because it’s more that double the work, kind of like sliding down a hillside aways and having to claw myself back up. However, the silly issue pales in comparison with having your entire city collapse in an earthquake.