24 July 2018

Ugh, too warm and humid to be doing anything outside or in the garage. I still check the Midlana Builder’s forum several times a day. Progress is being made on several builds there, but as warned of in the book, Life does get in the way now and then, and it’s just how it goes. Several of the builders are getting closer though, and hopefully that’ll ignite some urgency in the others, hah.

Speaking of motivation, I keep getting told that I don’t promote myself, the car, or the book enough. I understand, and even agree, but it’s because I really dislike pushy ads and salespeople, so don’t like to do it to others. Nothing shifts me to the opposite tact faster than someone pushy selling something. I had a guy  selling a bottled water service show up at the door, and when I opened it, said “uh oh.” For a second, I thought he was going to take a swing at me – he got really angry. He even did the high school thing of getting about 6″ from my face asked what my problem is. I almost wanted to ask him if he was going to take my lunch money. I was curious how he planned to transition to kindly asking for money, or maybe he planned to demand it. I suspect he realized no sale was going to happen and kinda went off the rails after that… but I digress.

So yeah, I do plan to do some promotional stuff, more shows and videos – when it cools off, which around here is around October or so. There’s also all the other stuff, the cold air inlet, a new engine cover, wings, and so on.