24 Nov 2013

By working on the book all day, all corrections haveĀ  been completed! This frees up a week I didn’t expect to have, so one more test copy was ordered as a “last chance” check. Even with express shipping, it’s unclear if it’ll arrive next Friday, Saturday, or the following Monday. This means that assuming nothing terrible is found when it arrives, the book will likely become available in about a week.

One think I’ve not discussed is price, which will be $100. As far as I know, there is no book out there that so fully covers the construction of a mid-engine sports car (or any car for that matter). Sure, a few books have plans but they’re light on actual construction guidance. Midlana is 393 pages of meaty detail, explaining why things are being done a certain way, the best way(s) of doing so, yet offering up many options along the way. It’s very doubtful that a Midlana owner will ever seen another car exactly like his (or hers), and that’s a good thing. Anyhow, I guess I felt the need to get out in front of any commentary regarding price and to explain the reasoning behind it.