25 Apr 2010

Can’t tell if the ECU/dash interface is working or not with no drivetrain in-place since there are no sensor readings for the dash. Not a big deal for now so it was set aside.

Started this morning with the idea of doing the coolant system, but after realizing one of the main coolant lines running down the center tunnel is a little short, it kinda killed motivation on that front. Plus, with no drivetrain in place it’s not clear where to run the lines once they go up and over the fuel tank, so the gas pedal project was picked, but that meant having the seat in its final position…

So the day was spent measuring, fabing, measuring, mocking-up, fabing, and measuring some more to get the seat where it felt right. Even sat in it for a while, testing each iteration. A nit for me is having the front edge of a seat too high, applying pressure to the nerves on the back of my legs – not fun for long drives. Between head-room, lean-back angle, leg and arm room, it’s finally right. To me, things like pedal, steering wheel, seat, and shifter placement are extremely important. If any are off, the car feels… mass-produced, an assembly that no matter how much you fuss with it, it never quite feels right. Since this seat isn’t adjustable, it has to be done right the first time.