26 Jul 2010

Every once in a while there’s a company that really impresses me. Not with just their products, but the care and support that comes after the sale. One such company is K-tuned.com. I’ve bought a number of their products in order to speed the integration of the Honda K-series drivetrain into Midlana and all of them have worked great.

Everything arrived promptly, everything’s very nicely finished, yet when I do some bonehead thing, that’s when the real test happens and Mike is always there to help out. Case in point is this cool K24 / RBC Upper Coolant Housing. Yes, I could make it myself, but there’s always a tradeoff between time, money, and quality of the end result, never mind the perceived pressure to “hurry up and get Midlana done.” However, weeks after receiving this, I disassembled the unit for no good reason other than curiosity and managed to tear an O-ring. I called up Mike and asked what they cost and he said, don’t worry about it, he’d send me a few. That’s good customer support, that’s how to run a business. I wish Mike and K-tuned all the best.