27 Apr 2013

Things just get more and more interesting. As it was left last night, the engine was warm when the car exhibited the partial gear-release problem. I gave up, mostly because I don’t understand what’s going on – another way of saying that I was fed up with it, and old enough to know what happens if I push things further.

So today I got in, started it up, and it slid right into any gear I cared to try, even after setting the clutch stop back to where it wasn’t working yesterday. So why would the clutch have the problem only when the engine’s warm – or more specifically, after it’s heat-soaked? I confirmed that the slave cylinder isn’t leaking, not even a little, and it’s already been bled several times. So I know more than yesterday, but still don’t know what to do in order to correct it. If a light bulb hasn’t gone on by Monday I’ll call the clutch manufacturer.