27 Jan 2018

As I was putting the new tires on I saw something that made me think “that’s strike 2 for Discount Tire.” The first time was when they bent all four of my lightweight racing wheels and then denied it. This time, a lazy employee mounted one of the tires with a label on or very near the tire bead. What you see is after I tried tearing it off, hoping that it just looked like it went across the bead. Apparently it does and it remains to be seen if it’s going to leak.

Went for a test drive and being new and very sticky, the tires throw all kinds of grit into the air; I wouldn’t want to be driving behind me on a less-than-clean road! Noticed pretty quick that the ride was really firm and realized they were inflated to support a 3500-lb car. Sure enough, they were all 35 psi and were backed down to 25, but they’ll likely need to drop to 20 psi, if not 18. One of the big perks of a light car is the low cost of consumables like tires and brake pads. Hellcat, Corvette, Mustang, and Camaro drivers have substantial tire budgets.

In other news, there’s how to mount the wings. The 1-meter wing sections are designed to accept a 1″ tube through the center of pressure. Because of the width and where the support points will be, the overall assembly will consist of a 36″- 1 meter inner piece with the support points at each end. To the same supports will be additional 18″ outboard sections attached to the same mounting points, making the entire assembly as wide as the outside of the tires. It would be nice if the assembly breaks to for storage, as it’s going to spend most of its time up in the rafters. I don’t want a huge and clunky 3D assembly, so some sketching is in order.