27 Jun 2010

The new Injector Dynamics injectors are alleged to have better atomization, run at lower duty cycle, run much higher fuel pressure, and even though they’re higher capacity, they still idle well, plus they’re really small.

The throttle cable is more or less done, just not sure how to fasten the bracket since it’s meant to rivet to paneling that’s not there yet. Probably just Cleco something in for now.>

The intercooler’s plumbed in, which took some effort to modify the inlet and outlet so it wouldn’t stick way up above the engine cover. It’s the first time I’ve welded to what looks like cast aluminum. Let’s just say it’s good it’ll be hidden… Still need to weld in the fittings for the blow-off valve and intake air temperature sensor. The engine compartment is starting to get busy…

It appears no one really knows which way coolant flows in a K-series Honda engine. Some say the thermostat gates hot coolant out to the radiator while others say it gates cool coolant returning from the radiator – two top engine builders said opposite things. I’ll probably get some clear hose and temporarily plumb in it just to find out. It needs to be determined so coolant header tank can supply coolant to the low-pressure side of the system, instead of the other way round which will cause problems.