27 Jun 2012

Still here, just not much to report. There was Father’s Day, then this last Sunday we helped the kids pack up as they prepare to move far away 🙁 Hopefully they’ll be back in a few years.

Anyhow, the plan is to borrow the hoist this weekend because next week is short due to the holiday. The “plan” between now and July 8 is to add the rest of the tidbits, strip the car down, finish-weld the chassis, and have it off to the powdercoater the week of July 9. It has been rightly pointed out that the safest thing to do is drive the car before painting it, and I understand that. The thing is, if I’m honest with myself, I’m just tired of building it. It’s to the point that if I stare at it for three more months I may find something else, but I want to get on with things. That, and needing to rivet on the floor temporarily if it’s driven before paint, then drill them out and hear them rattle for all eternity. And then there’s just being lazy. So over the next two weeks things will be happening, if not perfectly.