27 May 2014

Got tired of the brake pedal being so hard. Well, “hard” is good, but not when you have to press it at 100 lbs to lock up the tires. So I swapped in some spare master cylinders which, of course, went too far the other way, resulting in a squishy pedal due to system compliance (not air). So the proper replacement was ordered today and should be here in time to replace this weekend.

However, the real work was getting under the car and cutting some access holes in the engine tray so I could at least reach up in there and mount the oil/coolant heat exchanger. At the end of the day it was done – not pretty – but functional. The issue now is that with the mounts, the heat exchanger sits up higher than it did and the hoses get too close to the engine. The concern is that engine vibration may rub through the lines, and of course the hose clamp screws point upwards to where they’re hard to access from below, but they need to be loosened so that the hoses can be reclocked.

All this is so that the car is ready for a ~200 mile drive coming up in a couple weeks. Planned by my buddy Ron, it includes Cars and Coffee, driving up and over the coastal mountain range, then up through sevaral small towns, lunch on Palomar Mountain, then out into the back country. Should be fun if I can have the car all ready.