28 Aug 2016

Though the results aren’t announced yet (this evening), my brother’s pretty happy with how the hill climb went, though he did mention that a 1000-hp Nissan GTR set a new all-time record. That’s tough competition since the event is held at about 6000 feet, so his LS3 was making about 353 hp instead of 430 hp while the GTR’s turbo engine retains more of its power. Still, the GTR’s near-4000 lb weight is an issue at any altitude and compensates with computers and 4WD as best it can. He also mentioned that it was on Hoosier tires which was yet another advantage. Since he was a participant he didn’t have time to take a lot of pictures but here’s what he sent (on Friday he drove up and took a pic at Lake Tahoe). He said there were roughly 50 participants including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, five McLarens, and a bunch of other goodies. Oh, and note that he finally finished painting his car – looks about a million times better!

Meanwhile back here I’m pretty happy with how Midlana is running though as mentioned, that engine mount has to be redone. On the side, 2009 is gradually getting put into the archives.