28 Dec 2010

Things are moving along, albeit slowly. The coolant overflow tank and engine catch-can mounts are done. The coolant overflow tank isn’t an option because without one the cooling system will slowly pump itself down each time the cooling system comes up to temperature. The other tank, the catch-can, collects and separates¬† air-oil blowby from the engine block and head. In an OEM car it’s recycled back into the intake to be burned, but since the engine’s turbocharged (and no emissions issues are at stake) it’s not a good thing performance-wise to recycle it. Some people just run a hose from the engine down to the ground and as much as I’m all for simple, light, and cheap, the thought of having a hose spewing smoke from under the car doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

This is the stage of the project that can become a big mental drag due to so many loose ends (it was the same with Kimini, too.) Coming into the garage, there are no longer any¬† clear-cut sub-projects to work on; virtually every part of the car is unfinished to some degree so there’s no rewarding sense of progress happening after a day’s work. Brackets are a big culprit to this malaise; they take a disproportionate amount of time to make, and yet every one of them is needed, but offer up little in terms of payoff (they’re just silly brackets!) Then there’s the danger of second-guessing what’s already been accomplished.

Every time I look at the screen at the rear of the engine cover, there’s a very strong desire to cut it out and do it over again with a denser mesh. Anyway… next are the brackets for the Dzus mounts on the engine cover.