29 Jan 2012

The windscreen frame is coming along pretty well, the aluminum frame still needs the welds ground flat. Next is fabricating the bottom support along the cowl and making the threaded mounts, but it turned out okay (making things easily removable really slows down the “just get on with it” mentality.) Not sure what color to make it, the same color as the chassis so that it blends in, or perhaps the same color as the suspenion arms? Meh, we’ll see. Anyhow, after that’s done it’s back to the passenger seatbelt mounts.

Regarding visitor locations, with currently 45(!) countries, it’s surprising that there hasn’t been one visit from the most populous country in the world – China. I wonder if it’s the language barrier, no one is interested in building cars, they aren’t allowed to build cars, or is it due to censorship? Just curious.